Reporting on Mario Kart 64 World Records


Myles Mitchell & Parisa Gregg


August 1, 2023


Investigating how the world record for Choco Mountain in Mario Kart 64 developed over time.


Mario Kart 64 is a racing video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64.

Players can choose from eight characters to race as, including:

  • Mario
  • Toad
  • Princess Peach

The game consists of 16 tracks to race around. World records can be set for either one lap or a full race (three laps) of the course. As players have competed for faster times, several track shortcuts have been discovered. There are separate world records for both with and without the use of a shortcut.


We loaded a dataset of Mario Kart 64 world records. This data is from tidytuesday with credit to Benedikt Claus.

For this investigation we are interested in the world records for Choco Mountain over a three-lap course. The dataset was loaded and filtered using pandas:

import pandas as pd

# Load the records data
records = pd.read_csv(
# Filter the data
choco_mountain = records.loc[
        (records["track"] == "Choco Mountain") &
        (records["type"] == "Three Lap")
# View the data
index track type shortcut player system_played date time_period time record_duration
0 862 Choco Mountain Three Lap No Gregg G NTSC 1997-03-10 2M 7.96S 127.96 78
1 863 Choco Mountain Three Lap No Launspach NTSC 1997-05-27 2M 3.65S 123.65 95
2 864 Choco Mountain Three Lap No Booth NTSC 1997-08-30 2M 1.42S 121.42 7
3 865 Choco Mountain Three Lap No Booth NTSC 1997-09-06 2M 0.91S 120.91 188
4 866 Choco Mountain Three Lap No Booth NTSC 1998-03-13 2M 0.23S 120.23 130


The figure below shows the development of world records for the Choco Mountain track on Mario Kart N64 from 1917 to 2021.

Progress of Choco Mountain world records, with and without allowing shortcuts.

The longest a 3 lap world record was held for on Choco Mountain is 2742 days (7.5 years).