North East Data Scientists 2022


Slides from the North East Data Scientist's 2022 meetup events

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2022-09-15 Meetup Event Details


1700–1800h: (Pre-event Workshop) Georgia Atkinson

1800–1830h: Refreshments

1830–1835h: Welcome (🔗 slides)

1835–1900h: Jack Walton, Jumping Rivers Ltd

1915–2000h: Matthew Edwards, NICD


Georgia Atkinson, Data Scientist and Trainer @ Jumping Rivers

Introduction to H2O Driverless AI

H2O Driverless AI is a proprietary tool developed by to perform automatic machine learning without the need for coding. Automatic machine learning is the process of automating the tasks of applying machine learning to real-world problems. Driverless AI provides automatic feature engineering, model validation, model tuning, model selection and deployment and machine learning interpretability all within a user-friendly interface.

Jack Walton, Data Scientist / Engineer @ Jumping Rivers

Scaling R with AWS Lambda (🔗 slides)

In this talk I will give an overview of a recent client project in which AWS Lambda was used to provide a scalable R-backend for a public-facing web application. This backend performed a number of different operations, including; evaluating a Bayesian Network model; rendering a parameterised PDF report via R Markdown, and creating data visualisations with {ggplot2}.

All the code used in this project is publicly available via GitHub.

Matthew Edwards, Data Scientist @ National Innovation Centre for Data

Databricks: Believing in Unicorns (🔗 slides)

Data science unicorns can develop data pipelines to clean and wrangle data; develop statistical and machine learning models for estimation and prediction; and deploy, monitor and maintain models in production. Unfortunately, the existence of a definition does not imply the existence of that which is defined. I never believed these data science unicorns existed. However, that has changed. I have seen data scientists transform into unicorns with the magic of Databricks and would like to share that magic with you.