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This site attempts to list R conferences and local useR groups. Please feel free to add any missing group or conference. In particular, most of the associated twitter names are missing. There are currently 545 R user groups and events. To propose a change, just click the pencil icon next to the titles.

Keep up to date by following @rstats_meetings.

This list is maintained by Jumping Rivers. We also maintain a corresponding list of Data Science conferences and events.

Technical bit

The html files for this document live in the docs/ directory of the repository. When a change is made to the main branch, a GitHub Action creates the html files from the .Rmd files and pushes them to the gh-pages branch.

I’ve created a couple of R scripts to help maintain this list. One checks the URL return code 200, the other counts the number of groups.

Original source

The original list of useR groups was compiled by David Smith at Revolution Analytics blog.